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North Weald (EGSX) Airfield

G-SUEO (a DA40NG) is based at North Weald airfield and information about this airfield is set out in this note.


North Weald is located just by Junction 7 (Harlow) of the M11.

From M25:

  • At junction 27 exit onto M11 towards Harlow/Cambridge
  • At junction 7, exit onto A414 heading to Chelmsford/Chipping Ongar (4th exit from the roundabout)
  • In approx 1 mile at the roundabout, exit onto Rayley Lane (2nd exit)
  • In approx 1 mile at the roundabout, exit onto Merlin Way (2nd exit)
  • In approx 1/2 mile entrance to the airfield on your right (although you need to go past the entrance to a mini-roundabout and come back on yourself to turn left to enter the airfield)
  • Turn left and continue round the airfield's perimeter road for about 1 mile and Hangar 6 is on your left just before the threshold to R12

Please do NOT navigate to North Weald by entering its postcode (CM16 6HR) into your SatNav because this will take you to the wrong side of the airfield.  If using your SatNAv, enter Merlin Way, North Weald Bassett as your destination.

Hangar location

The hangar (Hangar 6) is located to the south of the threshold for R12 (the short cross runway).  This is a full service hangar and once you have made a booking, arrangements will be made for the aircraft to be left on the apron in front of Hangar 6 at least 30 minutes before your requested booking time.  The aircraft will be left with full wing tanks unless you requested a different fuel state when you made your booking e.g. if there are 4 POB on your flight you may wish to depart with less fuel. You are responsible for checking the oil level of the engine(s) and spare oil and funnels can be found in the aircraft.

After your flight, please leave the aircraft back on the apron in front of Hangar 6 and call Weald Aviation on 07842 552327 who will move the aircraft back into the hangar for you.  Please leave G-SUEO with the brakes OFF, the control lock ON and the nose wheel chocked.  Please also put on the canopy cover during the summer months.

North Weald airfield information and circuit procedures

The North Weald Radio air/ground frequency is 123.530.

Circuits are generally right hand for R20 and left hand for R02 i.e. always to the west of the airfield.

The short cross runway R12/30 is no longer in operation.

Please avoid:

  • Stansted's Class D airspace directly above North Weald, which begins at 1500' QNH.  When returning to North Weald, you need to contact Farnborough Radar (either North or East, depending where you are arriving from) for permission to transit below the Stansted zone.
  • Stapleford's ATZ approximately 3 NM to the south as they are always very busy.
  • Over-flying North Weald Bassett village whenever possible.
  • Over-flying St. Margaret's Hospital, at the eastern end of Epping Town.

Further useful information on North Weald airfield including a webcam, an airfield map (showing the airfield layout and the location of Hangar 6) can be found at:

Operational hours

The runway operational hours at North Weald are: 08.30 to 19.00 (local) or to sunset + 30 minutes, if earlier.  Please ensure you plan your flights to comply with these times or this will result in SueAir’s aircraft being banned from the airfield.  If you are running late, you will need to consider other options, for example diverting to Stapleford, Cambridge or Southend. North Weald is a VFR only airfield and doesn’t have any facilities for landing at night or any instrument approach procedures.

The hangar operational hours are: 08.30 to 17.00.  Therefore, if you land after 17.00, the hangar guys will have left for the day and the aircraft will be left on the apron over-night so if strong winds are forecast, please make sure the aircraft is parked into wind and is secure.

There are 2 cafés at North Weald airfield: The Squadron (continue past the threshold for R12 to a black wooden building) which is open from 09.00 to 16.00 daily and Wings Café (located close to the threshold of R12 and next to Hangar 6) which is open from 09.00 to 17.00 daily.

North Weald typically has around 6 events during the year when the main runway or sometimes both runways will be closed - this is normally on a Sunday and for some events the main runway is open between 08.00 & 09.00 and between 18.00 & 19.00.

There are currently no full runway 02/20 closure dates for 2021. On 26 & 27 June 2021 and assuming COVID restrictions permit mass gatherings, runway 02/20 will only be open between 08.00 & 09.00 and between 18.00 &19.00.

Car Parking

There is secure parking for your car (marked by cones) on the grass in front of the Wings Cafe and on the apron in front of Hangar 6. Further parking (if you are leaving your car at North Weald for several days) is available behind a brown hangar to the east of Apron 6.