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Aircraft Bookings

Before an aircraft can be hired you will need to download and complete a Pilot Data Form. On receipt of a completed form, and after you have flown with an instructor, you will be sent a user name and password to access the online booking schedule.

Go to the online booking schedule.

Cancellation Charge / Deposit Policy
SueAir operates a deposit policy from pilots who wish to make a booking.  The policy is as follows:

  1. Per day or part day booked:  Deposit of £150 + VAT = £180.  For those on a monthly option, the deposit amount is £75 + VAT = £90.
  2. If the flight goes ahead, the deposit is fully refundable. 
  3. For those on a monthly option or paying as they go (as opposed to having bought a block of hours) the deposit may be used to offset the invoice for the flight.  For those on pre-purchased a block of hours, the deposit can either be refunded or if the pilot wishes it can be retained by SueAir to be credited as a deposit for another booking.
  4. If the flight is cancelled because of either (i) a technical issue with the plane; (ii) weather conditions making it unreasonable for the pilot to fly; or (iii) at the decision of SueAir, the deposit is fully refundable (or if the pilot wishes it can be retained by SueAir to be credited as a deposit for another booking).
  5. If the flight is cancelled by the pilot for any other reason than specified in 4 above, unless the plane is re-let by SueAir for the same day to another pilot, a staggered charge is made which depends on the cancellation notice given:
    - 1 calendar month or more before a booking: £50 + VAT = £60
    - More than 1 week and less than 1 calendar month before a booking: £105 + VAT = £126
    - 1 week or less before a booking: £150 + VAT = £180
    For those on a monthly option, the above charges are reduced by 50%. 
    SueAir will issue a VAT invoice at this point.
  6. To determine the cancellation notice period under 5 above, a cancellation communicated to SueAir after 7pm on a day will be deemed received the next day.

By way of general notes:

  • If you know you are not able to make a flight, please do let SueAir know as soon as possible so as to increase the chance of another booking (and thus the refund of the deposit).
  • While SueAir fully understands that life events/illness/car breakdowns etc. do sadly happen from time to time at inconvenient moments meaning mean pilots might have to cancel their booking, I hope you will understand that the policy needs to be very clear cut so as to be fair to all.  Accordingly the deposit is only refundable in the case of the reasons given in points 4 & 5 above, as a clear cut approach, and SueAir doesn't think it fair otherwise to offer a discretionary approach based on reasons for cancellation.  This is not intended to be unsympathetic as to reasons for cancellation. 
  • SueAir is required by law to issue the invoice, for VAT reasons, once a charge is made against which the deposit is offset. This means that after a cancellation, I will then send out the invoice on or after the day of the booking, if the relet was not possible.  This can look a little insensitive in some cases, for which I apologise but it's the VAT requirement. 
  • Remember that the deposit will be refunded if I manage to relet a plane, so the sooner you know you can't make a booking and let me know the more chance there is of a relet.

Weekend booking policy
To ensure that everyone gets a reasonable chance to fly at weekends, please can the following general guidelines can be adhered to:

  • Please try to limit advance bookings of a weekend to no more than one whole weekend or two individual weekend days (three in the case of a bank holiday) in any calendar month;
  • By advance, I mean a week ahead.  After the Monday in the week leading up to a weekend, if the plane is not booked for that coming weekend then please go ahead even if you have other weekends booked in advance in that calendar month
  • Naturally if you want to do a long touring trip (which the planes love) then it's fine if your booking takes you over consecutive weekends (the usual expected minimum flying applies) as these trips tend to be only once a year or less for pilots in any event;
  •  If you have already reached the informal maximum in advance weekend bookings for a calendar month, and want to book another, then please do contact me if you wish to discuss it (for example if you plan lots of flying in one particular month but none in others around it, then we can work it out).

STANDBY plane booking policy
The booking system allows pilots to register their interest in a date on which the plane is already booked, so they are first call if the existing booking is cancelled. This is shown as a "STANDBY" aircraft and there is one for a DA42 and one for a DA40NG. If the plane has been booked on a particular date, you can book the STANDBY plane. If the existing booking is cancelled, I will get in touch with you to ask you if you would like to confirm your booking.

A few notes on the STANDBY planes:

  • The STANDBY planes are called DA42 STANDBY & DA40NG STANDBY.
  • Booking a STANDBY plane does not require a deposit.
  • If the existing booking is cancelled, and you then confirm your STANDBY booking, this will become a firm booking and require a deposit (or you can confirm that you do not wish to go ahead).
  • If you have an existing booking and cancel, and a STANDBY booking is converted to a firm booking on that date in replacement of your booking, then your deposit is refundable.
  • If you have a STANDBY booking please do let SueAir know as soon as possible if you subsequently know that you will not be able to fly on this particular date (there is no deposit loss for cancelling a STANDBY) as this will allow someone else to make a STANDBY booking in your place.