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Hire Cost Options and Hire Rates

There is no joining fee and no annual club membership fee and pilots can choose from 3 options to hire the aircraft:

  • Pay-as-you-fly rate
  • Purchase a block of hours in advance
  • Pay a monthly amount and a reduced hourly rate (DA40NGs only)

Please email for the current rates.

The hire cost includes fuel, parking, hangarage and landing fees (excluding circuits) at North Weald airfield or Gloucester airfield. The Touch & Go fee at North Weald airfield is £6.50 + VAT. Touch & Go fees and Instrument Approach fees at Gloucester airfield can be found on Gloucester Airport's website Gloucestershire Airport » Staverton » Gloucestershire Airport. Rates excluding fuel are available on request.

Pilots are charged for take-off to landing time (determined from the Total Time in Service shown in the MFD of the G1000) plus 0.2 hours (as a proxy for taxiing time). The reason for a fixed amount of 0.2 hours is so that pilots do not feel they need to rush their pre-take off or after landing checks and to ensure the engines are fully warmed up/ cooled down prior to take off/after landing. Also, a fixed addition of 0.2 hours means that there is no charge if you are asked to HOLD prior to departure.

Pilots purchasing a block of hours have an 18 month period to use the hours. SueAir recommends that pilots aim to fly the hours within a 12 month period to give a margin for cancellations owing to bad weather. Refunds are not given for any hours remaining at the end of the 18 month period.

Pilots choosing the monthly option to fly a DA40NG need to join the SueAir Group and pay the monthly amount for a minimum period of 12 months.

Pilots are requested to use a power setting of around 72% in the cruise as I have been advised that this setting is expected to give the lowest maintenance costs/ longest engine life. The cost of maintaining the engines is by far the largest cost of running the airplanes and so doing everything possible to minimise this cost is critical to keeping the hourly rates as competitive as possible.

Payment of duty on Jet A1 for private pleasure flying

There is a legal requirement binding on pilots flying aircraft using Jet A1 to pay excise duty to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for fuel used during any 'private pleasure flight'.

The fuel duty note gives further detail on this subject. In basic summary, if you fly within the UK for private pleasure (as opposed to e.g. training - see the detail in the note regarding exclusions) a pilot is required to account within 30 days to HMRC for duty on the fuel used. This is a personal legal obligation on the pilot.

Because this increases the cost to pilots of certain flights, SueAir will offset that cost in part as provided in the note.

Life jackets & life raft

Life jackets are available for hire at the cost of £1.25 + VAT for the first 2 days and then £0.90 + VAT for each additional day.

A life raft is available for hire at the cost of £12.50 + VAT for the first 2 days and then £9.00 + VAT for each additional day.