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Many thanks again for all the assistance you have given me over the last 18 months while I have hired your aircraft. I have made some first class aviation memories in them and I hope to fly them again one day in the future.
Ed S, Sept 2023
Hour building

Appreciate the support over the last few months in keeping current - and also, now I'm flying a DA40 and DA42 from XXX (which is my closest airfield now) I have come to appreciate just how well-kept your aircraft are...if I ever find myself back over towards Gloucester, or up near North Weald, I shall be back.
Dan G, Sept 2023
Hour building and MEP revalidation PC

Really good supportive input from Sue which provided a much needed refresher enabling me to pass the proficiency check the following day.
Christina C, November 2022
MEP & ME-IR renewal PC

Thanks for all the helpful texts and emails arranging these flights, I've very much enjoyed flying your diamonds and hope to again someday. 

Rory B, September 2022
Twin hour building in G-SUEI & G-SUEM

Thanks very much for making the aircraft (G-SUEM) available at BOH – very convenient and much appreciated.
Graham A, September 2022
ME-IR revalidation PC at EGHH

Had a fantastic day flying and I am really impressed with the service you offer and how well the aircraft is looked after. Definitely planning to do some longer trips soon!

Jess W, August 2022
Local flight in G-SUEO

I hope I can find another SueAir in Switzerland - honestly the best run group I've seen.

Matt C, March 2022
Moving to live in Switzerland

Thank you for both your instruction and plane hire, I had a great time and got through it quicker than expected so thank you!

Harvey H, November 2021
MEP revalidation PC in G-SUEM at EGBJ 

It was great to get some proper flying done in such a lovely aircraft. Thank you!

Andrew R, September 2021
IFR flights to various UK airfields in G-SUEI

We had a fantastic trip thanks and flew full airways there and back at FL 110. 

Lee B, September 2021
IFR flight to EGHQ in G-SUEO

Hi Sue - just took my uncle and brother for a beautiful flight in G-SUEO, just wanted to say thanks and how amazing she is.

Dom B, July 2021
First solo flight in G-SUEO

The aircraft was the best DA42 I've flown [the pilot is an instructor/examiner who has flown a number of DA42s]. Really nice and clean and the autopilot is so much better than the KAP 140. You can expect repeat business from me!

Andy V, November 2020
Flight to revalidate his examiner ratings

A great trip round the Scilly Isles and then a few orbits of our village!  Great to be flying again!

Martyn D, May 2020
First trip for G-EM after the Covid19 lockdown

Thanks for the great service as always.

Matt C, May 2020
Trip to Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Hi Sue. We arrived back at 6:15pm today. We had a fantastic trip, great weather and 2 great flights. SUEO is just as reliable as before [Lee has returned to flying after a 2 year break]. No problems. Thanks a lot.

Lee B, June 2019
Trip to France

Hi Sue, I successfully completed the DA40 differences training with Owen today! Thanks so much for your prompt assistance with making it happen, and it really is a beautiful aircraft!

Aaron C, February 2019
DA40NG conversion course

Hi Sue, as I suspected the fog didn't lift in time to make a trip to Ostend worth it, but we had a good trip to Le Touquet instead. G-EI flew very well and we appreciated how immaculately clean she was!

Jon S, February 2019
Trip to Le Touquet

Just wanted to drop you an email to wish you a happy Xmas break and say thanks for your support in getting me up and running on the DA42 this year.  It is a real breath of fresh air in the industry to work with such a professionally managed and well looked after operation!

Matt L, December 2018
Hour building

I love flying Sue's DA42. The aircraft is beautifully capable and well fitted out for safe and efficient IFR and VFR trips and is always immaculate.  Arriving at North Weald, parking 50m from the ramp and seeing the aircraft waiting is always a pleasure and fills me with excitement for the undoubtedly great day ahead.  Sue and other pilots in the group are always ready to share their experience and this pool of knowledge combined with the well maintained and fully fitted aircraft fills you with confidence.  

Thanks for the great service Sue and congratulations on the decade anniversary of SueAir!

David H, October 2018
Hour building

Just wanted to say how brilliant the SueAir experience was! I needed a DA42 for my IR revalidation out of North Weald, the process was very quick from the initial email and deposit booked a month in advance to the flight on the day. The aircraft was available all day for me providing a very relaxed process along side Kevin Dennington who was my examiner on the day. I would highly recommend them as a company. I will certainly be returning to SueAir for my revalidation’s in the future! Thanks for a brilliant service!

Bradley C, June 2018
IR revalidation test

Just a quick thank you.  I have had a very fun but challenging day with SUEI.  Looking forward to my next bookings.  Kevin [Dennington] is great - very easy to work with and very precise and particular which is just what I like.  I am very sure I have made the right decision to fly with your group and I am absolutely convinced my UK twin flying will come on in leaps and bounds.  Shaken off quite a few cobwebs today.  More to come I’m sure.

David H, April 2018
MEP renewal

Great set up at Gloucester Airport. I flew 2 NDB approaches and 1 RNAV approach and it was great not to have to fly to a different airfield to do the IFR approaches. ATC very helpful and Aeros excellent. I can see myself flying from Gloucester Airport more often. G-SUEM is very nice.

Eddie S, April 2018
IFR training

I contacted Sue urgently to fit me in on one of her DA42's to complete an IR revalidation, Sue was absolutely excellent in accommodating me.  At short notice she managed to book me in for a whole afternoon on G-SUEM at Gloucester airport. She also was in touch with Aeros flight school about me attending to complete an exam and the flight school where also brilliant in helping me that day by organising a room to brief, provided refreshments and helped with booking beacon slots, I genuinely believe all this effort was all due to Sue's help.  I was also expecting to pay a lot of money as DA42 aircraft hire is never cheap however I must say the price she charges is incredibly good, Sue has discounts for movement fees at Gloucester and the aircraft is equipped in an excellent manner.  I would definitely say whether you require one of Sue's aircraft for an exam or for leisure, Sue is definitely the person to get in touch with.

Moe A, February 2018
MEP/ IR revalidation test at Gloucester Airport

I wanted to write in and tell you how much I enjoyed the whole Kevin [Dennington] (Kilo Delta) and Sue Air experience. Kevin has that rare mix of being extremely professional and being extremely friendly and accommodating which made my hour building fun, interesting and enjoyable. The DA42 SUEI felt just like a privately owned and loved plane rather than an often bashed up club airplane. It has amazing equipment with G1000, de-icing, long range tanks. Loved it. Can’t wait to build up my hours and take it on long foreign trips.

Alnur D, November 2017
Hour building with Kevin Dennington

Kevin [Dennington] was an utter delight to work with and I can’t imagine any student not enjoying and succeeding under his guidance – it’s a nice combination of plane/instructor.

David M, October 2017
MEP rating course

I owe an immense debt of gratitude to Sue Bell of Sue Air. I hold a third country PPL SEP/MEP/IR from Nigeria and wanted to convert to EASA. At short notice, Sue pulled out all the stops and organised the training required with Mark Hadley (who put me through my paces) and got an examiner, Arwyn Jones (a fountain of aviation knowledge) to conduct the skills test. The well looked-after G-SUEO is a fabulous aircraft to fly. I would readily commend Sue Air to anyone.

Razak A, October 2017
SEP rating course

A big thank you to Sue Bell of SueAir and Kevin Dennington of Kilo Delta. I have just completed and passed my IR and MEP renewal on SueAir’s very well looked after and equipped DA42 (more equipped than your normal flying school!). Whilst working for a UK airline on a busy summer schedule, it has been a challenge to find a company with DA42 aircraft and instructor who had availability to work around my schedule. The hire of SueAir’s private aircraft and instructor made things achievable, whilst helping save on training costs. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a renewal or revalidation.

Will D, July 2017
MEP/ IR renewal course

Sue Bell of SueAir works in partnership with Kevin Dennington [Kilo Delta (], on the glass cockpit DA42. A welcoming owner, a professional company, an unerringly observant and skilled instructor, and a superb aircraft. Not surprisingly, I was given every help to succeed, every confidence I would, minimal cost, and success. Have no doubt, you will get the same opportunity.

Andy D, March 2017
MEP/ IR renewal course

I really enjoyed flying the DA42 with Kevin [Dennington] yesterday. Thanks for letting me hire G-EI so quickly after I made contact. It is a lovely aircraft and I hope that I can do some more flying on it occasionally. I needed to renew my IR/MEP and it is the perfect aircraft.

M Exley, February 2017
MEP IR revalidation test

Congratulations on reaching this milestone [10th anniversary], and thanks for continuing to run such a well-organised group. I couldn’t imagine going back to any of the aircraft I used to fly, and I really appreciate the effort that you put in to keep everything running smoothly.

Jon S, January 2017
10th anniversary event

First of all congratulations on your business success. I take my hat off to anyone that can make an aviation business work and the fact that you have done it for 10 years is even more impressive. G-SUEI is a nice plane with an equally nice owner and the way you run it - putting pilots in touch with each other, training seminars etc. is excellent.

In my personal case access to your plane has contributed to me ending up in my dream job. I used my block of 25 hours – which thanks to the free hours for relocations got me up to the 30 I needed to do the CRI course and it was having that on my CV that helped get the job here in Greece.

It has been a pleasure being involved in Sue Air over the years and I hope to continue in the future whenever I am in the UK.

Chris B, January 2017
10th anniversary event

I have been interested in adding a multi engine rating to my licence for a while and in particular on a modern DA42 with G1000 but found there were not many operators in the UK. Somebody recommended a company based at North Weald near Stanstead called SueAir which operate both DA42 and DA40 aircraft at attractive hire rates. I contacted the company and was referred to the website which includes all the information required to hire the aircraft including details of special discounts for package bookings of 10 and 25 hours which I took advantage of. The website is easy to use with an automated booking system which runs efficiently. Having passed my MEP and flown the DA42 in excess of 8 hours I find the whole operation highly efficient and competitive with an added bonus of being introduced to other MEP pilots for shared trips and cost sharing. I would recommend this company for both ease of use and competitive pricing.

David M, Nov 2016
MEP rating course

I passed the MEP flight test today & I found the training/ 4 day format very enjoyable & have learnt a great deal from Kevin. I would have no question in highly recommending the course/ATO to others.

Paul P, August 2016
MEP rating course

The whole experience down at North Weald has been brilliant and thank you for your help and advice and for flying with me.

Chris B, April 2016
Trip to Quimper

Many thanks for the superb service!

KC, April 2016
Local flight

Great newsletter. Thanks for letting me be part of this great group. Had some great flying in 2015, looking forward to more flying in the New Year in G-SUEI.

Eddie S, December 2015
2015 Newsletter

Brilliant flight and put the training session into use with an ILS at Norwich.

Mark B, December 2015
IFR flight to Norwich

I think the ILS AP is fantastic. We also used the OBS to create mock approaches into EGSR then VS to get a glide slope. Great systems!

Jim M, November 2015
IFR training

Many thanks for your informative lecture style and organisational expertise in arranging the DA42 training session. I have gained a greater understanding of the aircraft’s systems and always learn more about flying from your teaching. Please do keep the sessions coming.

Allan M, November 2015
DA42 & G1000 training day

We had a great day out at Llanbedr, Welshpool and Gamston. We are hoping to do more flights in the future and thanks for connecting us!

David M, September 2015
Joint flight with a SueAir instructor

The shared flying worked very well with Chris and so thank you very much for putting that together.

Dominic H, September 2015
Joint flights with a SueAir pilot to Germany

G-SUEO was perfect as always and my parents commented on how spotless and comfortable the aircraft is!

Jon S, April 2015
Day trip to Le Touquet

I am privileged in that I get to fly for my job, which I love, and it is great to be able to share my love of aviation with friends and family when back in the UK in G-SUEI, so I am really grateful to be able to use SueAir.

Tim VW, March 2015
Australian commercial pilot

It is nice to fly an airplane [G-SUEO] that is doing what you want during cross wind landings – not like the Airbus which sometimes comes up with nice surprises, especially in a cross wind approach into LHR with all the wind rotors in the short final…

Thomas K, December 2014
Circuits in challenging conditions

Yesterday’s flight went well, the aircraft [G-SUEI] is really nice to fly.

Seb M, November 2014
MEP/ IR test

Fantastic trip down to Le Touquet, joined the airways at Birmingham which lead to a pretty much straight line over London and into France, flight time of 1 hour 30 min! Many thanks Sue, such a fab aircraft to fly!

Simon H, October 2014
Weekend trip from Wolverhampton to Le Touquet

We had a fantastic time and the plane flew brilliantly. There were no issues at all. The flights took 14.5 hours in total and I flew about 1,700 NM during 4 days. I had a great time and feel like I learnt a lot about the aircraft. Everyone commented on how great G-SUEO is.

Lee B, July 2014
Trip to the Shetland Islands

Great flight with John and the plane is fantastic.

Jim M, July 2014
Check-out flight with a SueAir instructor

Thank you for making G-SUEI available for another successful trip. The aircraft was clean, comfortable and serviceable as usual.

Ian T, June 2014
3 day trip to France

We both had a really lovely day and enjoyed the company of a couple of knowledgeable aviators. Another trip would be great.

Allan M, June 2014
Day trip to Deauville with 2 SueAir pilots

We had a lovely flight. It really is a treat flying the DA42 with all the kit working – not like training where it is switched off! Thanks for all your support with the aircraft – great service!

Ian T, April 2014
Day trip to Newquay

We were very impressed with the aircraft [G-SUEI], it’s really nice to finally fly a clean, well looked after aircraft!

Simon H, December 2013
Check-out flight with a SueAir instructor

Thank you for letting me hire G-SUEI this weekend. We indeed had a great time. I flew the outbound leg VFR and the return IFR. Departing from Toussus IFR gives very nice views of Paris and is much easier flying than VFR with all the zones, transponder code changes etc. The aircraft performed flawlessly, it was very pleasant.

Seb M, April 2011
Weekend trip to Paris

The whole trip took 6 days covering 2,115 NM in 15.8 flying hours at an average of 134 knots and 44 lt/ hr of avtur. This sort of tour is ideal for the DA42 with its Garmin 1000 systems and economical diesel engines.

KC, August 2009
6 day trip to Scotland and Scandinavia

Love her or hate her, she has a great pair of planes!  

Jeremy Bell (Sue's husband)